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12 Well Drilling Campaign Morocco

Zenith were contracted by SDX Energy, a London based Operator with licences in Egypt and Morocco to deliver their 12 well exploration / development drilling campaign in Morocco. This was Zenith’s 3rd project management contract from SDX.


  • Substantially reduce the well costs and increase efficiency of the operations. Previous wells took between 21-28 days to complete.
  • Deliver the project with no harm to people, equipment or environment
  • Deliver the campaign to meet client’s timeframe for bringing wells online


  • Performed all scoping, initial and detailed planning as per Zenith Well Delivery Process
  • Developed optimum well design and contingencies based on detailed offset review and Zenith extensive experience
  • Performed detailed RFQ exercises for all equipment and services and rig, ensuring best technical and commercial solution


  • Remote location. Rig and all equipment and services to be sourced and mobilised in tight timeframe.
  • Numerous drilling risks: over pressured, wellbore instability
  • Short lifespan of wells: 2-3 years
  • Wells drilled form separate surface locations -multiple rig moves
  • Multi-cultural teams being brought together to live and work in remote location.
  • Well sequence changed at various points in planning phase.
  • All wells designed to be completed in a success case but also P&A in event dry hole or deemed un-economic
  • Project start date met with all equipment mobilised to remote location in tight timeframe
  • Developed “cemented completion design” for the wells, reducing P&A time/costs at end of field life.
  • Delivered campaign at significantly lower time and cost compared with previous wells
  • Implemented lessons learned during the campaign to further optimise operations