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ERD Field Abandonment Study

The Halley field is located the Central North Sea and straddles blocks 30/11b and 30/12b, approximately 280km South-East of Aberdeen. The field was developed in 2001/2002 by drilling extended reach wells from the Fulmar platform. Zenith were contracted by RSRUK to provide various well engineering scopes regarding the abandonment of the field.


  • Conduct a detailed revziew of wells
  • Recommendations for P&A strategy


  • Conducted detailed review to identify the current well condition
  • Qualitatively assessed relevant casing annular cementations
  • Defined abandonment design issues


  • Hole in completion tubing, failed resin plug
  • Inadequately abandoned sections, section milling requirements
  • Sustained B-annulus pressure and recharge behaviour
  • Cuttings re-injection into fracture network and impact on abandonment poorly understood.
  • Potential leakage through fault zone
  • Associated ERD considerations for P&A plan, i.e. increased torque, plug placement at high angle


  • Detailed assessment of the technical issues
  • Developed risk assessed and costed abandonment design options
  • Recommendations for further work in a comprehensive document