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Global Drilling & Completion Management System for Operator

Zenith were responsible for the preparation and delivery of a Global Drilling and Completion Management System for Nexen/CNOOC to support their worldwide drilling operations. After the purchase of Nexen by CNOOC, the decision was taken to develop a Global D&C management system to ensure all business units and each regional D&C team planned and executed well operations in a safe, consistent manner. In addition to creating a Global D&C management system, a gap analysis was performed and new standard and procedures created to include Deepwater and HPHT content along with supporting increased international activity, new country entry and remote team operations.


The project was carried out using the methodology outlined below:

  • Review of current regional D&C well management processes and procedures
    • CNOOC Nexen GDC NMS
    • CNOOC Nexen GoM Deepwater content
    • CNOOC Nexen UK D&C MS
  • Carry out GAP analysis against regional D&C procedures and current industry best practice
  • Streamline current GDC documents to meet the MS requirements of compliance for standards and procedures
  • Ensured the GDC senior management were included in the compilation and review of the revised GDC MS
  • Enhance content to cover Deepwater and HPHT environments
  • Create new documents and alignment of existing documents for increased international activity
  • Incorporate the aspects of new country entry and remote operations
  • Roll out sessions and feedback and transition time before GDC system going ‘live’


  • Streamlined GDC management system developed and rolled out
  • Processes and procedures simplified:
    • 31 documents in total
    • 3 Standards
    • 28 Procedural AidsÍ
  • Additional procedures developed to suit business strategy of new country entries, deep water and HPHT environments
  • New GDC management system aligned with CNOOC corporate requirements
  • GDC Management system that can be used to drill a well anywhere in GDC
  • Easily accessible system for all D&C teams globally