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Slimhole Exploration Well Onshore UK


  • Drill a vertical exploration well to evaluate the Westphalian and Namurian geological sequences in the unexplored 540 PEDL 181 license.
  • Perform operations with no accidents, incidents or environmental spills
  • Drill the well on time and on budget


  • Experienced Team assigned to project
  • Developed detailed project plan and well delivery timeline
  • Focused efforts on efficiency, performance and minimising NPT
  • Performed detailed tendering exercise for rig and 3rd party services
  • Project managed complete operation – involved with site sizing, layout and construction, well planning, tendering and contracting and supervision of operations


  • Wildcat exploration well – very little offset data
  • Tight budget to achieve objectives
  • Sporadic drilling market – access to warm rigs and experienced personnel challenging
  • Open and visible drilling site - NGO Protestors


  • Well drilled safely, on time and on budget
  • Slim hole well design utilised to achieve objectives in cost efficient manner
  • All Well Objectives met
  • Quickest Days / 10,000ft of all wells in area
  • “Team” work delivered successful operation - praised by long establised UK onshore Drilling Contractor