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Deviated UK Land Well & Completion


  • Drill a J-Shaped well to penetrate the Upper Carboniferous Basal Sandstone at +/- 948m TVDSS to evaluate the presence of Hydrocarbons.
  • Deepen the well to penetrate the Dinantian Limestone at +/- 952m TVDSS and evaluate the presence of Hydrocarbons.
  • Complete the well ready for production in the success case
  • Perform operations with no accidents, incidents or environmental spills


  • Organised a competent and experienced project team to perform the following:
    • Detailed Well and Completion design
    • Rig and third-party services contracting
    • Environmental and Regulatory permitting
    • Supervise well operations at the rig site


  • Water Kick at 670m MDBRT forced 6” section to be drilled with 15ppg MW
  • Drilled reservoir blind in 3 ¾” hole with 2 7/8” Coiled Tubing motor
  • Site required installation of a temporary bund to comply with EA legislation for fluid containment.


  • No accidents, incidents or environmental spills
  • Slim hole well design utilised to intersect subsurface targets in cost efficient manner
  • Well was successfully completed, suspended and handed over for production
  • Well control situation handled in a professional and efficient manner to ensure the well integrity was not comprised
  • Commercially viable discovery